Downloading Burp Software and your License Key

Before you can run Burp, you must first download the appropriate native platform installer or the Burp JAR file and complete the installation process. Burp Suite Professional users must also retrieve and install their unique Burp license key.

You can download Burp Suite Free Edition from the website. For Burp Suite Professional users, you can log in and download the latest Professional build using your account details.

Once you have installed the JAR file and license key you can follow our Getting started with Burp Suite tutorial pages to launch and configure Burp Suite.

Downloading Burp Suite Free Edition

To download the free edition of Burp Suite, go to the dowload page and click "Download now".


Downloading Burp Suite Pro Edition

To download Burp Suite Professional, access the login page from

Enter your Email address and Customer number to access your account.

Your account page contains links to download your license key and the latest version of Burp.

Click the relevant links to download the necessary files.

Your Burp license key and the Burp Suite installer should now be available in your Downloads folder.

You are now ready to install Burp's license key and Launch Burp Suite.