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[python] adding a custom header and send JSON in post request.

reconnect Sep 17, 2017 07:28PM UTC

Hello team

I wanted to know how to add custom header and send JSON in post request in jython.

here is my basic code

def sendRequest(self,data):
body=self._helpers.buildParameter("body", encode, IParameter.PARAM_BODY);
print self._helpers.bytesToString(resp)

Paul Johnston Sep 18, 2017 02:19PM UTC Support Center agent

There’s a few approaches; the code below is one way:

from import URL
from burp import IBurpExtender

class BurpExtender(IBurpExtender):
def registerExtenderCallbacks(self, callbacks):
self.callbacks = callbacks
self._helpers = callbacks.getHelpers()

headers = [ ‘POST /q6v4xrq6 HTTP/1.1’, ‘Host:’, ‘Content-type: application/json’, ] body = ‘{"test": "ok"}’ req = self._helpers.buildHttpMessage(headers, body) resp = self.callbacks.makeHttpRequest(“”, 443, True, req) print self._helpers.bytesToString(resp)

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