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Comparer word wrap checkbox

Aidar Sabirov Jun 28, 2018 07:12PM UTC

It would be really nice to have the word wrap feature in Comparer. Some lines/strings in requests or responses can be very long and it is inconvinient to look for differences since the user has to scroll both vertically and horizontally. I think a checkbox for toggling word wrap on and off would be great.

Paul Johnston Jun 29, 2018 08:26AM UTC Support Center agent

Hi Aidar,

Thanks for the suggestion. I agree, long lines can be difficult to work with in Comparer. Implementing a word-wrap sounds like a good approach. We’ve got a story on our development plan to look at this. It will probably be some time until we look at Comparer, but when we do, we’ll try to accomodate this.

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