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Enterprise Edition proxy for scan agents

Andrej Simko Sep 24, 2018 12:16PM UTC

If I understand it correctly, currently, when I add proxy in Burp EE, it's mainly used for sharing feedback with portswigger (correct me if I'm wrong).
However, because of various issues with Burp 2 at the moment (running into noscript directive and always being redirected elsewhere; and problems with using current user-agent), the scan of a very big site is finished within a few requests only. Therefore, I would like to redirect scan agent through yet another Burp Pro proxy, so that I can change user agent + remove the noscript directive from all responses.
Is it possible to add such proxy for scan agents? So that it would not mess up with reporting to portswigger, in which case other proxy is used.

Paul Johnston Sep 24, 2018 02:48PM UTC Support Center agent

Yes, the proxy in Enterprise is to help the Enterprise Server connect to PortSwigger for updates, licensing, etc.

You can configure agents to use an upstream proxy. First, set up the proxy in Burp Professional, within Project Options, then use the cog icon to save the configuration. Then, within Enterprise, locate the Site you’re working on, see “Default scan configurations” and click the pencil button. This lets you upload a configuration file.

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