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An unexpected error occurred after update of Burp Enterprise

Thomas Hartmann May 10, 2019 08:56AM UTC

After the auto updated installed the most recent version the following error pops up when I click on a scan to see the details:
An unexpected error occurred. If this problem persists, please contact

Rose Krawczuk May 13, 2019 02:55PM UTC Support Center agent

If possible, we’d like some further information on your installation.

Please email us ( with the following:

The Burp Suite Enterprise version.
The operating system on which you installed Burp Suite Enterprise.
The database type you are using.
Whether the Enterprise Agent installations are on the same machine on which you installed Burp Suite Enterprise, or elsewhere.
The log files: By default these are in C:\ProgramData\BurpSuiteEnterpriseEdition on Windows and /var/log/BurpSuiteEnterpriseEdition/ on Linux. There is a separate log file for each day, and the current day’s log file doesn’t contain a date. If you can, please replicate the issue then send us the latest log files. The agent log files can be found on the agent machine.

Thomas Hartmann May 17, 2019 12:50PM UTC
I just send you and email with the required information.

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