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Unable to capture http request

Vyoma Khargonkar Sep 11, 2019 07:06AM UTC

I am trying out Android mobile testing. I have a Windows 64-bit machine on which I have Genymotion emulator installed. Since all the testing tools are available freely in kali/santoku OS, I am using kali linux installed in VirtualBox. I am trying to intercept the http traffic (using burp) from one of the Android applications installed in Genymotion. The scenario however errors out and I am shown with Unknown host error on the webpage.

Additionally, since kali has a private IP address by default, I am changing the network settings for kali from NAT to Bridged Adapter mode. As soon as the settings are changed, either the internet breaks in kali or adb connection to the emulator breaks. (

I am following couple of web links in order to resolve the issue:




Mike Eaton Sep 11, 2019 12:32PM UTC Support Center agent

Hi Vyoma, have you seen our guide on testing mobile applications using Burp Suite?

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