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IMessageEditor does not show markers

Jason Gillam Sep 23, 2019 01:58AM UTC

When I set up a marked request or response for a IMessageEditor instance, it does not appear to be honored. The editor loads the message okay, but there aren't any markers on it. So if I do something like this:

int[] markers = {1,10};
List<int[]> requestMarkers = new ArrayList<>();
markedRequestResponse = callbacks.applyMarkers(requestResponse, requestMarkers, responseMarkers);

requestEditor = callbacks.createMessageEditor(this, false);
requestEditor.setMessage(markedRequestResponse.getRequest(), true);

Is this because markers aren't implemented yet in IMessageEditor or am I missing something? If this isn't feasible, do you think you could come up with an interface that would get me access to the JTextArea (or whatever component) has the Raw tab text in it so I can create a selected text area? Currently I'm building from scratch and using a selection caret to mark locations (in Paramalyzer).

Mike Eaton Sep 25, 2019 02:34PM UTC Support Center agent

Hi Jason, Markers should be implemented in IMessageEditor.

When you retrieve the data after calling markedRequestResponse.getRequest() can you convert it to a string and confirm that markers are present at the specified indexes?

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