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parallel scan and time out

afs Oct 09, 2019 02:24AM UTC

I define two scans by clicking "new scan", my questions is how to run the two scan in parallel?
how to set time out period to be 3 hours for audit? I find we can only set timeout for crawling. but I want to set for audit

how to schedule two scan in sequence? in case task one timeout for 3 hours, does task 2 start automatically?

Mike Eaton Oct 09, 2019 09:03AM UTC Support Center agent

Hi Afs, I’m assuming that you are talking about Burp Suite Professional, each task (scan) created from the dashboard runs on a separate thread, so if you create 2 tasks they should run in parallel. I would advise against running parallel scans against the same target, as it could impact the performance of the scans which would reduce the benefit of running the tasks concurrently.

You aren’t able to specify audit timeout configurations, however you can modify the optimization and issues reported settings in order to influence the duration of the Audit phase.

afs Oct 09, 2019 09:28AM UTC
thanks, since you suggest for same website, different url, we run consequently, how to schedule the two tasks in below scenario:
task 2 starts 10 minutes after the finish of task 1

Mike Eaton Oct 09, 2019 10:43AM UTC Support Center agent

My previous comment actually advises against running the two scans for the same website, can you explain why you wish to run concurrent scans against the same target?

afs Oct 10, 2019 02:13AM UTC
I 'm now running two scans for different website, how to schedule the two tasks in below scenario: my default region is Tokyo, Japan. task1 start at USA east time 7:00 am, task 2 (website2) starts 10 minutes after the finish of task 1(website1)

Mike Eaton Oct 11, 2019 09:02AM UTC Support Center agent

This can be done using the ‘Scheduled Tasks’ section inside Project options > Misc, you will need to create the tasks, pause them and then schedule them to resume at certain times.

Burp Suite Professional is not intended to schedule automated scanning of Web Applications, Burp Suite Enterprise was created for that purpose, so you might find that more suitable to your requirements if you just want to perform automated scanning.

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