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Monitoring Traffic for Android Device Not Connected to same WIFI as my Laptop

Rajesh K Nov 15, 2019 04:21PM UTC


I want to intercept traffic for an Android device to test security variabilities in different Android Apps.

I am planning to use a Genymotion emulator which will be hosted on Amazon Web Service E2C Instance.

But the problem is I have tried Burp Suit to intercept traffic from an Android Device which is connected to the same WIFI as my laptop which works perfectly. But in this case, the device will be connected to a totally different network than my Laptop.

How can I get Burp Suit working with a Device which is connected to some other WIFI? In my case, the device will be hosted on AWS.

The Genymotion Emulators are rooted.

Michelle Gillian Nov 18, 2019 02:15PM UTC Support Center agent

Is there a particular reason for needing the emulator and Burp Suite on separate networks for your tests? You can email us at if you’d prefer to discuss that side of things directly.

Rajesh K Nov 20, 2019 06:25AM UTC
Thanks for your response. I have already emailed you but additionally, I am posting the response here also.

I am planning to use Amazon Web Service to host the Genymotion emulator which means that the emulator will not be connected to my wifi but will connect the Amazon Web Service network.

Since my Laptop is not capable to run an emulator smoothly, I plan to use Amazon Web Service to achieve the benefits of Genymotion at the same time get the privilege of testing apps on different Android versions. The Genymotion Emulators are by default rooted.

Will it be possible to track traffic from an Emulator that is hosted using Amazon Web Services?

Liam Tai-Hogan Nov 20, 2019 11:43AM UTC Support Center agent

Is it possible to install Burp Suite on the same machine as the Genymotion emulator?

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