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Scanning just seems to stop after a while (using 2.1.05 and 06)

Matthew Dec 03, 2019 08:16PM UTC

This is my first time using the new 2.x UI. I'm not sure everything is configured correctly, but I think so...

I started a scan using my own config (so I could turn off some of the Issues to scan for). It seemed to work for a few hours and then it stopped working. The icon says it is still running, so it can be clicked to pause it. I tried to pause it and then run it hoping it would kick it in the pants to continue, but that did nothing. I shut down and upgraded from 05 to 06 and reloaded the project (which is backed up every 30 minutes) and it seemed to start scanning again, but got stuck again.

When I say stuck, I mean that it doesn't appear to be increasing the numbers that track requests or errors in the Audit Items tab, and the general number by the progress bar on the Details tab or dashboard hasn't changed in a while.

Is there anything I can provide you to help diagnose this? I'm a pretty basic user, and don't do much with this except scan links passed in from running my automated scripts thru the proxy to test our client/server app.



Michael Dec 04, 2019 07:16PM UTC
I am using 2.1.06 and I am also noticing where an audit check issues 9 requests (errors) then doesn't do anything. Help!

Ben Wright Dec 05, 2019 08:36AM UTC Support Center agent

Hi Matt,

Firstly, are you able to install the Logger++ extension? This will provide you with more details of the requests that Burp is sending whilst carrying out a scan.

Also, are you able to provide us with the details of the scan configuration that you are using and any details of your target site (if you want to email with this information then please feel free to do so).

Ben Wright Dec 05, 2019 08:37AM UTC Support Center agent

Hi Michael,

Can you provide us with some further details of your environment and the scan that you are attempting to carry out?

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