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Extender callback to add a column to Proxy/Intruder/etc results

Ian Peters Jan 06, 2020 02:57AM UTC

Sometimes it would be useful to have a custom column when displaying history/results - especially for Intruder, but also for Proxy History. This would allow things like Content Length to be shown (vs Length), plus other things I note in your backlog such as a hash of the response body. Unfortunately I don't see any way to add a column via the existing API.

I would picture something like:
IBurpExtenderCallbacks.registerHistoryColumn(ICustomColumnListener listener, boolean onResponseOnly);

interface ICustomColumnListener{
String getColumnName();
String processHttpMessage(int toolFlag, boolean messageIsRequest, IHttpRequestResponse messageInfo);
where the string returned by processHttpMessage gets cached and displayed by Burp in the relevant cell (and is updated if a response is encountered for a matching already-processed entry - i.e. assuming processHttpMessage will be called either twice (on Request and Response) or only on response (if the onResponseOnly filter is set)).


Hannah Law Jan 06, 2020 02:55PM UTC Support Center agent

With regards to custom column entries for Intruder, have you tried using “Grep – Extract”? You can use this to extract entries like content length, and these get displayed in a separate column.

Although you may not be able to get the functionality you want in native HTTP history, the extension Logger++ appears to have similar features for the functionality you want.

If after trying these, this is still a feature request you would like us to make, then please let us know. The backlog on feature requests is very large, so I will be unable to provide an ETA.

Ian Peters Jan 06, 2020 10:40PM UTC
Thanks for the reply - "Grep - Extract" is useful, but you can't do any computation based on it - which is necessary sometimes. Logger++ (when modified) would generally be able to satisfy the requirement (although with a less good UX, especially for Intruder), but it would be much nicer if the core Burp functionality could be extended via an API.
So yes, I would like to raise this as a feature request, but understand that it will be a low priority, thanks.

Hannah Law Jan 07, 2020 09:34AM UTC Support Center agent

Thank you for your feedback.

I’ve put the feature request in, but due to the backlog can’t provide an ETA.

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