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What is your reseller price?

Burp Suite Professional licenses are priced per user per year. Current reseller prices are shown on the online reseller order form.


Are there any reseller discounts available?

Sorry, we do not offer any reseller discounts. Compared to other tools, Burp is priced extremely competitively. We prefer to keep our headline price low and charge the same to everyone.


Can I have a reseller quotation?

You can generate a quotation by entering the details on the online reseller order form. On the Order Payment page click on the Quotation link near the top of the page. If you are ordering a renewal or adding a new user on behalf of an existing customer account please email us and we will send you a quotation. Quotations are valid for three months.


Can I buy a multi-year license as a reseller?

Yes. You can buy one, two or three year licenses online for new customers. For customers with an existing account and for renewals please contact us by email.


What is the price of a reseller renewal?

The price per user per year for a reseller renewal is the same as the cost of a new license.


How much does it cost a reseller to add a new user to a license?

The cost of adding a user is calculated pro rata according to the number of days remaining on the license. So, if you add a new user halfway through an annual license period, the cost of adding the user will be half the cost of an annual license.


How do I buy or order as a reseller?

We are happy to sell through any reseller. You do not have to be listed on our website. For new customer accounts, you can place a reseller order using the reseller order form. If you are renewing a license or adding a new user for an existing customer account please email us and we will send you a quotation or invoice from which you can pay online.


Can I join an authorized reseller partner program?

We do not have a formal partner or authorized reseller program and we do not endorse particular resellers. We list resellers on our website here. If you are a reseller and would like to be listed on our website please email us.


Will the license download details be sent to the reseller or to the end customer?

You can specify on the reseller order form whether you would like the license download details to be sent to you or directly to your end customer or to both you and the end customer.