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Showing Current Request with the Last Response from the Macro

Takeshi Sato Apr 02, 2015 12:58AM UTC

When using Intruder/Repeater with "Post Request Macro" and
setting "Pass back to the invoking tool:" = "The final response from
the macro", Intruder/Repeater only show the pair of "the final request
sent by Post Request Macro" and "the final response from the macro".

However, "the final request sent by Post Request Macro" does not
contain any payloads, so user cannot know what request/payload(s)
triggered the final response.

I believe it is good idea to show the pair of "current request which
contains payload(s) sent by Intruder/Repeater" and "the final response
from the macro".

Dafydd Stuttard Apr 02, 2015 01:55PM UTC Support Center agent

Thanks for this request. I can see cases in which users might prefer either behavior or the other – they might prefer to see the final macro request, or the original request that was being processed. We’ll look into whether we can provide this as an option in the post-request macro action configuration.

In the case of Intruder, you can still the payloads responsible in the results table, and in the case of Repeater, you entered the payload manually – right?

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