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Memory consumption is too high (RAM)

Manish Singh Nov 08, 2018 06:02AM UTC

I am using Burp beta 2.0.11. Looks like it has memory leak issue, when I start scanning, it was good but the memory consumption was increasing. I usually close the burp and restart to free the memory. But when I reopen the project file and resume the scanning, the memory consumption goes upto 6.5 GM in few minutes. Is there any workaround for it? I am not able to complete the scanning.

Liam Tai-Hogan Nov 08, 2018 12:45PM UTC Support Center agent

What extensions do you have installed?

If you run Burp from the command line, you can limit Burp’s heap size:


Simon Nov 14, 2018 05:10AM UTC
I'm seeing a similar thing.

The heap setting is set in command line to 3GB for me.
Machine has 8GB
Pro Edition
OS is Debian Linux

After any appreciable time scanning Burp interface is clearly swapped out, and I'm unable to make it responsive usually. I'm fairly sure it is just swapped as one time I patients killed all the browsers, and other applications, and it did become responsive.

Machine is using a couple of GB of swap space.

Top reports it is using a lot of virtual memory (13GB), but the resident memory for me is only 4GB.

Additional Scanner checks
AES Payloads
AWS Security checks
Backslash Powered Scanner
CMS Scanner
Collaborator Everywhere
Cryptojacking Mine Sweeper
CSRF Scanner
Detect Dynamic JS
Error Message Checks
HTML5 Auditor
Image locations and Privacy
Java Deserialization
PDF Metadata
PHP Object Injection Check
Reflected Parameters
Software Version Reporter
Software Vulnerability Reporter
Upload Scanner
Web Cache Deception Scanner

I've had the same issue with multiple scans with different settings so I could probably cross out half these extensions as not a culprit. My guess is that the memory for the scanner is being kept in RAM as it is in use, which makes it hard to page back the UI. Sometimes I've been able to get the close app dialog, or some bits of the UI to work.

I'll go try with fewer extensions, as that is probably way over the top, but what happened to be in when it happened this time. Scan had only completed 30,000 requests or so.

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