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Extract a single value from each response

Chandraveer Kumar Sep 04, 2019 07:31AM UTC

I want a list of values of a particular parameter from each response.

Liam Tai-Hogan Sep 04, 2019 03:24PM UTC Support Center agent

Are these responses in the HTTP proxy history?

What format do you need to produce the list?

Could we ask what the use case is for this function?

NIcolas Grégoire Sep 04, 2019 05:53PM UTC
Use the "Grep Values" tab of the "Logger++" extension...

Mike Eaton Sep 05, 2019 10:45AM UTC Support Center agent

If you have a look at our Extender API documentation

The interface IResponseInfo contains methods that return data about a specific response, is this the type of thing your looking for?

Chandraveer Kumar Sep 09, 2019 06:41AM UTC
Thanks for the responses. I got the solution though.
I was trying to extract session IDs from each request and sending to the sequencer for analysing.

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