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Burp Enterprise unattended install -- what is the administrator password?

John Gordon Sep 13, 2019 11:04PM UTC

When doing an unattended install from a response file generated by a previous install, e.g. `./ -q -varfile response.varfile`, what's the administrator password set to? The password from the previous installation is not saved to response.varfile.

Mike Eaton Sep 16, 2019 12:32PM UTC Support Center agent

Hi, when you install Burp Suite Enterprise you are required to specify the credentials for the administrator account, we don’t have any default values for this.

You can create a new administrator by running a utility that should be in the installation directory called ‘adminusercreator’. An example of how to run it is:

adminusercreator —username=new_admin —password=letmein — —dbUrl=jdbc:<your database url> —dbUsername=burp_enterprise —dbPassword=*

John Gordon Sep 16, 2019 03:16PM UTC
What's the dbUrl format if you chose the file-based internal database?

John Gordon Sep 16, 2019 03:39PM UTC
Figured it out, I had to stop the burpsuiteenterpriseedition_db service then use:

adminusercreator --username=administrator --password=newpassword --dbUrl=jdbc:h2:/var/lib/BurpSuiteEnterpriseEdition/data/burpsuiteenterpriseedition_db --dbUsername=burp_enterprise --dbPassword=[redacted]

(where dbPassword was found in /opt/burpsuite_enterprise/database/init.sql)


Mike Eaton Sep 17, 2019 07:43AM UTC Support Center agent

Hi John, glad I could help and thank you for sharing your solution.

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