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Burp Extension for Intruder Payload with multiple payload lists

Rishabh Upreti Nov 11, 2019 06:11AM UTC


I am working on creating a extension for burp suite where a user can choose from a list of payload lists [one list for angular payloads, one list for react payload] according to the framework of the application he is testing.

But I am only able to create one payload list per extension using this code

Can you please let me know if it is possible to create multiple lists of payloads lists for a intruder payload extension, if not possible can you create apis so that this would be made possible.

Rishabh Upreti

Mike Eaton Nov 18, 2019 02:31PM UTC Support Center agent

Hi Rishabh,

The method IBurpExtenderCallbacks.registerIntruderPayloadGeneratorFactory() allows you to register a factory to generate intruder payloads, which will be individually selectable in the intruder UI.
The example that you have provided only registers one instance of a payload generator. For multiple payload lists you will need to register multiple payload generators.

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