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  • Burp Scan Error

    Team, Since last few days we have been receiving the below error during the scan in the CICD. IS this something you are already aware of? If yes, can you please assist me how to troubleshoot this? java -jar burp-ci-driver-v1.0.5beta.jar --scan-definition=scanconfiguration.json --min-severity=undefined$burp_api_key/ ERROR: Unexpected response from server: 500 - {&q...

    1 Agent Answer    1 Community Answer
    Mar 17, 2019 11:28PM UTC
  • How do I get burpsuite to intercept my curl -X GET requests that I am launching from command line

    I am penetration testing, I am exploiting (this is all on a college set up environment, nothing is really but hosted on a VPN) an API that connects with a database to receive data and spit it back out. I am doing these requests through the command line like : curl -X GET 'https://address/users/1/payments/payment code here -H 'Authorization code here' -i -k. How do i get burp to i...

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Mar 14, 2019 01:30PM UTC
  • how can I change the response to endpoint with extensions API.

    This as data flows as far as I know. [Request] Endpoint(such as browser) > burp > processProxyMessage with messageIsRequest==true > processHttpMessage with messageIsRequest==true > TargetServer [Response] TargetServer > burp > processHttpMessage with messageIsRequest==false > processProxyMessage with messageIsRequest==false > Endpoint It's not working like ...

    2 Agent Answers    1 Community Answer
    Mar 14, 2019 02:28AM UTC
  • Is there a way to disable the Handling Application Errors During Audit?

    Hi, I have run into an issue where Burp will pause the Scanner if there are too many failures. I am running Burp with an extension I wrote from the command line so I need a way to disable it via the command line, such as in the project or user config. Is this possible? Thanks

    1 Agent Answer    1 Community Answer
    Mar 13, 2019 01:08PM UTC
  • .bazar domain

    How do i intercept domain .bazar Thanks

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Mar 11, 2019 06:41PM UTC
  • Unexpected Error Occured

    Under agent health. It says No handler method for*** Follow up question: Is this a connection issue in the agent machine? How can I restart the agent

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Mar 08, 2019 06:37AM UTC
  • Problem

    I set a proxy port 8080 Set ac certificate successfuly But website cant run

    2 Agent Answers    3 Community Answers
    Mar 06, 2019 02:34PM UTC
  • How do I export reports from Burp Enterprise?

    For one of the requirements I need to be able to push the Burp issues into a centralized artifact retention system. How do I automatically generate a XML or HTML in Enterprise (similar to burp pro) that I can export into another system? Is there an API that I can call (e.g. Jenkins monitoring whether the scan is finished, then pulling the results from Burp into the artifact storage)?

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Mar 06, 2019 07:33AM UTC
  • https website isnt opening

    I am running burp suit community version for couple of months in kali. I have also installed CA certificate. and it was working fine. But for couple of days its showing some problems when try to connect with https websites and i wasnt able to see response in browser. can u tell me whats the problem.

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Mar 06, 2019 03:59AM UTC
  • Burp Enterprise not scanning appropriately

    Team, The burp enterprise is not scanning as expected. I was using beta12.0 which used to take one hour for scanning the whole site but it automatically upgraded to the latest version . and the scan end in 1-2 minutes with the similar configurations. Could you please let me know how can I troubleshoot this?

    2 Agent Answers    1 Community Answer
    Mar 06, 2019 02:54AM UTC