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  • can't install certificate

    if i open it is showing :Sorry, We Couldn't Find That Page Maybe it was moved, deleted, or you accidentally mistyped the URL. Try checking the URL for errors, then hit the refresh button on your browser.

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    Apr 22, 2019 05:56PM UTC
  • How do I automate manual verification of requests

    Hi, Just wanted to know if there is a way to automate the manual testing of requests which I do through repeater and Intruder tool. I use repeater and intruder module to manually test certain requests by giving some malicious inputs. So is there a way, I can automate it so that with my active scan these manual requests also run on their own ?

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    Apr 22, 2019 08:22AM UTC
  • can't install ca certificate.

    can't install ca Certificate when i enter link http://burp its been redirected to

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    Apr 21, 2019 04:44AM UTC
  • Deleting Edited Request

    I edited some request in Proxy Interceptor, now I want to delete it but I can't find a way to do so! Is there any way to delete it so I will have Request/Response and not Original request/Edited request/Response?

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    Apr 20, 2019 11:57AM UTC
  • Install BurpSuite Enterprise

    Hello. BurpSuite Enterprise not started. OS Debian 9 5:56:36 PM ERROR: Error launching process: Cannot run program "${installer:sys.installationDir}/webServer/host.${installer:platformScriptSuffix}" (in directory "/usr/local/burpsuite_enterprise/webServer"): error=2, No such file or directory

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    Apr 18, 2019 03:01PM UTC
  • Scan single parameter out of multiple parameters in request

    Hi, I have a request in which 3 parameters are there, let say a,b,c. I want to run a scanner only on the parameter "a" to check against the injection attacks. If I will run the scanner on this request it will check against all the parameters. Is there any feature available in burp scanner? Can some direct me in the right direction? Thanks Manish

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    Apr 17, 2019 05:17PM UTC
  • Burp Suite Tool Integration with UFT

    Hi Team, Could you please suggest me to automate the burp scan with the any approach. I have tried with command prompt but its not working.

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    Apr 17, 2019 12:55PM UTC
  • No license or email after purchase for 8 hours now...

    Why does it take so long to receive an email with a license key? I purchased this over 8 hours ago and have received absolutely nothing in regards to a receipt, confirmation, license or anything. I do have a charge that successfully went through on my credit card though? Please assist, I would have purchased from somewhere else if I didn't think it would be received in a reasonable time....

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    Apr 14, 2019 02:53PM UTC
  • No traffic recorded for an app on localhost in Chrome with FoxyProxy Standard

    I set up the DVWA in a Docker container which binds to localhost on port 80. The web app opens just fine in Chrome. I'm using FoxyProxy Standard to configure my proxy settings in Chrome. Every other traffic is being recorded, localhost traffic isn't. I already tried whitelisting localhost explicitly with no success. Please help.

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    Apr 13, 2019 11:24PM UTC
  • have no internet connection with proxy

    Hello, I am a Linux user, and lastly I wanted to use Burpsuite. So i looked up how to setup a proxy server and intercept it with Burpsuite. But every time i do port my pc loses connection and I basically have no wifi. Is there anyone who could help me with this?

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    Apr 13, 2019 09:26PM UTC