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  • Crawling is Incomplete

    I have a site where / redirects to a maintenance page. I've used the Discover Content tool to enumerate a number of pages on the site. I now want to crawl all of the enumerated pages to discover more content. When I start a new Crawl job it appears to only crawl the root page and the maintenance page. Is there any way to get the Crawler to crawl all of the pages in the Target tab?

    1 Agent Answer    1 Community Answer
    Jan 31, 2019 02:53AM UTC
  • Order number: FAB0EF2C4E

    Just placed a Reseller Order. Just need help with the processing of the order.

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Jan 30, 2019 08:23AM UTC
  • position marker issue

    Position marker is getting set wrongly by default... see the screenshot in below pic... how do i fix this issue ?

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Jan 30, 2019 07:19AM UTC
  • Link Manipulation (DOM-based)

    Hello, I'm scanning a website using Burp and I got the following issue, which I'm trying to replicate. However, I'm not really understanding what was injected and the supposed response. Could anybody help me clear this up? Thanks! PS: Sensitive data was replaced with (...) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

    1 Agent Answer    1 Community Answer
    Jan 29, 2019 05:16PM UTC
  • How to see the documentation of rest api

    II installed the beta version of burp , and able to access http://localhost:1337/v0.1/ using key. But I want to see the documentation of rest api , how do I do that I tried http://localhost:1337/v0.1/<key>/api-docs it does not work

    4 Agent Answers    3 Community Answers
    Jan 29, 2019 06:24AM UTC
  • TLS for burp Enterprise server

    Team, Can you please help us how/where can we configure burp enterprise server to use tls? We would want the self signed certificate to be used for encryption. Regards, chaitanya

    4 Agent Answers    3 Community Answers
    Jan 29, 2019 03:55AM UTC
  • Showing insecure connection in firefox even after installing burpsuite certific

    Hi All, I am trying to work in burp suite and have configured it with the latest firefox. After that I installed/imported the burp suite certificate and it is showing under the view certificate section. Next, when I try to browse the address it is again showing as insecure connection.

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Jan 25, 2019 08:19PM UTC
  • Burp Suite Enterprise Crawling

    How do I verify that it is actually crawling the website and finding the correct logins or resources? We have a site that hosts a variety of different tools with the need to login. Where do I see if it gets to the subdomain, and then attempts a login. I want to make sure it is testing all aspects of the application.

    2 Agent Answers    1 Community Answer
    Jan 25, 2019 02:41PM UTC
  • Problem on reproducing the issue BurpSuite Reported

    I am working on a project in which the BurpSuite's scanners report me there is a reflected xss vuln in there . The payloads is as : zhenw'-alert(1)-'xcwq The payload is working without any problem till I use "Show response in browser" in Burpsuite while when I use "Copy url" or manually copy that URL which is a GET based URL is not working anymore . I s...

    1 Agent Answer    1 Community Answer
    Jan 24, 2019 09:29PM UTC
  • Close http request if time takes more than limit.

    I'm using intruder attack to check if otp is valid and then use that otp for different transaction. but one otp is allowed for single transaction. if otp is validated then i get response 'otp already consumed' else i get response 'invalid otp'. i want to know which otp is valid before validating. how to do that..

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Jan 24, 2019 02:33PM UTC