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  • Unable to resume Crawl and Audit Scan after consecutive audit items failing

    Hello, Anytime that I try to run the Crawl and Audit Scan, I run into consecutive audit items failing due to 'Errors: unable to relocate function'. I am then unable to resume the scan/auditing (when I click the play button, it just grays out and the scan does not resume). I have performance feedback enabled, and below is the debug ID: o6frpf501lnvdh2xgouh:qu4b

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    Aug 14, 2019 03:03PM UTC
  • Burp Pro v2.1.03 Doesn't save a project

    Hi, I have a company licence however my login no longer appears to work hence this post. I have been testing using a temporary project and would like to save my burp project however every time I attempt this I receive the error message "Failed to save project - Internal error during copy : null". Can someone please advise how I can save this project besides copying /tmp/burpnnnnnn...

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    Aug 12, 2019 05:07PM UTC
  • Jenkins Jobs ran not coming in Burp Enterprise Scan dashboard

    Hello Team, We have integrated Burp Enterprise with CloudBees Enterprise Jenkins using plugin: Burp Scan. The Jenkins job ran successfully using API. However the Jenkins job details are not displayed on the Burp Enterprise Scan Dashboard. Please let me know if I am missing any details. Thanks, Govind

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    Aug 08, 2019 01:27PM UTC
  • project file not saved

    Burp 2.1.02 is not saving my project files. Latest case, I worked until 6PM yesterday then shut everything down. When boot up and open the Burp project file today, all of my afternoon work is gone. I have it configured to do automatic backups every 30 minutes to a folder next to the one where my working file is. The timestamp on the main project file is 11:34 The timestamp of the most recent ...

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    Aug 08, 2019 12:55PM UTC
  • mouse click ignored

    Hello, I can't click any button, including installer; It seems like mouse click is ignored :( I'm using macOS high sierra, and burp professional version 2.1.03. Is there any solution for this? Thanks!

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    Aug 08, 2019 09:41AM UTC
  • handshake_failure with cloudfront domains

    Hi support team, For a particular web application that is running on CloudFront domains we continuously are getting Fatal error: Handshake_Failure when trying to intercept traffic with Burp. I have tried to resolve this issue on several OS's (Windows 10, OSX, Kali Linux), also replaced the default local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar files with the ones in the Java Cryptography Ex...

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    Aug 06, 2019 01:45PM UTC
  • Installion Error

    In Static members: In action "Backup agent.config file [Run script]" (screen "Installation location"), property "Script": java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 10: ${compiler:release.version} at java.base/sun.nio.fs.WindowsPathParser.normalize(WindowsPathParser.java:182) at java.base/sun.nio.fs.WindowsPathParser.parse(WindowsPathPar...

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    Aug 06, 2019 05:31AM UTC
  • SmartCard Client SSL Certificate

    Hi, we have an internal setup where we use SmartCards for Authentication. In Burp 1.7 this worked like a charm but somewhere after the 2.0 upgrade something broke. At the last step (where you enter your PIN code) the certificate does not show up. At the moment I am having this issue on v2.1.02 while 1.7.37 still works. I am on Windows 10 1803. Can you look into that?

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    Aug 05, 2019 12:55PM UTC
  • questions for bugs

    How much does it take to find a bug using burpsuite? And is there a reason why i cant find any? Thanks!

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    Jul 30, 2019 11:16PM UTC
  • crawl/URL's to Scan error

    I'm having an issue (or is it a bug) whereby I have a website on a domain that has an underscore (for example, http://site_test.blah.com), but setting up a crawl scan type gives me 'Invalid URL to scan' error despite the site working through the proxy. Anyone else run into this?

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    Jul 30, 2019 04:14PM UTC