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  • HTTPS MitM : Export functionality of the per-host generated server certificate / key

    Dear In order to be able to decrypt HTTPS traffic in Wireshark[0], one would need the private key linked to the certificate. Would it be possible to include an export functionality of the private key / certificate which is auto-generated by Burp Suite when performing a MitM on a HTTPS connection? Preferably in PEM and/or PKCS#12 format as these can be easily imported in Wireshark. note: A s...

    1 Agent Answer    1 Community Answer
    Aug 26, 2016 04:33PM UTC
  • Feature request for cookie jar

    Hi Just a small request: Would it be possible to add an indication of the cookie flags on cookies stored in cookie jar? That would create an easy overview of the cookies encountered using a test, instead of scrolling through all the URLs in the issues list on the target pane. .

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Aug 25, 2016 07:58AM UTC
  • Burp Infiltrator Exclusions

    Please add the ability to exclude specific packages or classes from the Burp Infiltrator installer.

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Aug 16, 2016 11:51AM UTC
  • Confirm closing Intruder/Repeater tabs

    Please add a confirmation dialog box when closing these tabs, as they (a) are the easiest to close by mistake, and (b) contain some of the more important information in a session.

    1 Agent Answer    1 Community Answer
    Aug 15, 2016 08:00PM UTC
  • Add all missing Decoder algorithms to Intruder payload processing


    0 Community Answer
    Aug 15, 2016 07:53PM UTC
  • Case Modification Intruder payload: add brute force mode

    Please add an option that iterates through all the combinations of upper- and lowercase letters for each position. I.e., for an input string "abc", the output should be: abc aBc abC aBC Abc ABc AbC ABC While this can be done using the Customer Iterator, it's really annoying and error-prone to set up, and only works with a single string at a time.

    0 Community Answer
    Aug 15, 2016 07:38PM UTC
  • Add a processing stack to Grep Extract

    Sometimes it's very handy to be able to apply some processing, such as URL or HTML decoding, to extracted values, instead of needing to export to a table (in the case of Intruder results), and then figure out how to apply some processing to a column of values using a separate tool.

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Aug 15, 2016 07:21PM UTC
  • Numbers Intruder payload: add support for multiple ranges

    Instead of using separate fields for min/max, please change this to a single box that accepts a comma-delimited list of dash-separated inclusive ranges. I.e., 1-50,60-70,80,91-100 (decimal) 0,8-D,20-7E (hex) I think it would make sense to fail validation (or at least warn) on attack start if any of the ranges overlap. This would make these types of attacks much quicker to set up and repe...

    1 Community Answer
    Aug 15, 2016 07:00PM UTC
  • Numbers Intruder payload: Default the min/max fractional digits fields to 0

    Out of all the times I've used the Numbers payload in the span of a year and a half, I think I've only used fractional numbers once or twice. Everyone else in the office here has had a similar experience. Please set defaults in this payload so that it generates integers. Needing to set this every time adds up to a tremendous waste of time.

    1 Agent Answer    1 Community Answer
    Aug 15, 2016 06:48PM UTC
  • Support CA Certificate Generation for Certs&Keys Greater Than 1024bit

    Especially Apple is now enforcing "Best Practices" via App Transport Security. As a workaround I used this guide: Thank you.

    1 Agent Answer    0 Community Answer
    Aug 11, 2016 07:52AM UTC